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Be at your best with The Westin Paris - Vendôme well-being tips

Harmonize you body and soul and rebalance your energy all along the year thanks to the well-being tips of Clare West, holistic advisor to The Westin Paris - Vendôme.

Move with Westin

‘Little and Often’

Eating and drinking at regular intervals is key to optimum functioning of the brain, the digestive system and for constant energy output. If there is no time to eat in the morning then a freshly squeezed juice will at least provide the brain with the fuel it needs to be firing on all cylinders! If travelling, eat lightly – vegetables, salads and fruits – and minimize coffee and alcohol for their dehydrating effect that will make jetlag more pronounced.

Free-style stretch

Whatever your style - Put back that morning stretch into your waking routine. Every living creature from a sparrow to a horse stretches naturally upon waking or after being still for a prolonged period. Stretching brings oxygen to the extremities and stimulates the lymph system to rid the body of toxins built up in joints and organs during sleep – the stretch improves circulation, reduces fluid retention and aids digestion.

Keep on Moving

Whenever possible, step out and walk, get used to taking the stairs rather than the elevator, swing your arms and your legs, loosen the hips and breathe deeply down into the body. Being more active – ‘little and often’ - will clear out accumulated toxins in the joints and muscles that create stiffness or feelings of sluggishness or produce headaches and fluid retention – to be replaced by fresh energy and restored vitality



Winter Solstice

On the 22nd of December celebrate the Winter Solstice - the longest night and the shortest day of the year and the turning point of the season - A time traditionally to celebrate renewal and regrowth. Find an inspirational place and take a moment to do an enormous overhead stretch with both arms – ‘exhale’ and empty the body of the past year - then pause for a moment with no breath and empty mind. Release - open and lower your arms and let the new breath flood in. Allow the oxygen and fresh energy to fill every corner of your body.  Try this three times - stretch out the creases in the body and the spirit and prepare to come out of hibernation!

Massage at work

Just two minutes of ‘self-massage’ at work can be surprisingly effective. Use your fingers as if making a vigourous shampooing action – press onto the scalp with the tips of the fingers and really move the skin in small circles – The facial and scalp massage will help you to revive yourself and relieve stress, bringing oxygen to the brain and reducing puffiness of the face.

A relaxing Epiphany

Spring is on its way

Wintry Winter

The Source of Life–Water

Enjoy the summer but don't forget to stay hydrated – especially when travelling. Drinking lots of water can help minimize symptoms of jetlag or prevent associated dizzy turn and ache as well as freshen the appearance of skin and eyes.

Welcome to the new year

Take a moment to take stock of the year just passed – acknowledge and congratulate yourself for goals achieved – equally reflect and grieve any losses or regrets – visualize all of the energy and efforts involved and thank your body for supporting through this journey. Mark your feelings in a personal notebook or celebrate the passage of time with a small indulgence for yourself. Ready now to turn the page of this chapter and move on to the new year.

Just be still an instant

Stress and worry are quite literally toxic processes that change the chemical makeup of the body, wearing down the body’s immune system and diminishing its ability to defend from illness. Find some time for yourself each day . . . some peaceful "still" time free from worry . . . even if its only 5 minutes, where you focus on the need to replenish and support the body.

“Nature’s – pick-me-up” - "Romarin – donne des ailes"

For an instant "pick-me-up" that will stimulate the brain, clear the mind and give you that get-up-and-go feeling for a special meeting... try an early morning bath of essential oil of Rosemary... dissipate 4 drops of essential oil on the surface of a warm bath. Soak for maximum 10 - 15 minutes and breathe-in the pungent rising vapours. Pat dry and leave the essential oil to be absorbed by the skin. Alternatively put 2 – 3 drops on a handkerchief and breathe in at intervals during the day for the same zingy effect!